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The smash spec for warriors has taken over(at least on my server) and quite frankly I'm tired of this spec. No matter how I change my gear, kite, and use my force shroud,(assassin main) I'm still getting hit for 6-7k damage. Giving automatic AoE criticals isn't at all fair for other classes. I'm in full war hero gear and another player in bm/recruit hit me for 5k. If I don't have force shroud up, and the other player is half way decent, I'm most likely going to die, in a straight up fight it is very difficult for an assassin to beat a warrior. I just think the critical damage should be lowered. Hitting people for 1/3 of their health im one shot is ridiculous. I hate complaining but in wz's warriors/knights are really the only thing that slows me down. Anybody else think it's balanced? Or am I just lacking a lot of skill here?
OP dont bother it will fall on deaf ears, BW strongly favors any glowstick carring class there is. no class out there has that kind of high aoe damage. dont forget the god mode maras as well. there have been hundreds if not thousands of threads on this subject and not one has been listened to or taken to heart by BW.
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