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Glad to see that everything is fine.

Looking forward to part 3 of your guide. I learned things from the first two, and I have been playing my Sentinel for a while now, though not Combat/Carnage as much.

I would love to know how you take down Operatives who have better reactions. Your timing is impeccable but, with respect, that one operative you fought should have cleansed the burn before he used his 3 minute cooldown. He also failed to use his 100% dodge chance during your ravage and he failed to use his shield that absorbs damage (forget what it is called). I am sure he panicked. I probably would have too. Most people have difficulty with Snipers. I can usually handle snipers. Operatives give me problems. Any advice against some of the best Operatives would be a huge boon.

Thank you. Great second part to your video.
yeah i know what you mean we have this legendary dps scoundrel on our server, for the longest time when iwas in recruit bm mix i would fear this guy he had min maxed wh with 660 bonus dmg, crazy burst, getting ganked by him over and over again kinda increased my reaction speed, the opener remains the same, if you get opened use roar, when he pops dodge hold him in place with force choke and use your dot as soon as choke ends, then follow with a root and continue dps, if he dispells the DoT and stealth immediately use a smash to bring him out of it, ill see if i can get a few duels going with him so you can see what i mean.