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11.22.2012 , 12:51 AM | #81
Thanks for doing all the tests for this guys. As a Sentinel Watchman, I've switched from the two WH relics to DG Boundless +DG Elemental Proc. After only one attempt on the dummy, I was getting 1836 (my previous best was maybe 1815 or so). I've upgraded my gear a bit, but I think the switch of relics helps.

Here's the log:,f=1,t=1,b=1

Some interesting math for the Elemental:

Over a 5 minute fight (310 secs), the proc went off 52 times. That comes out to every 6 seconds. I did 15605 damage from the proc alone, which means each hit was for 300 dmg. It made up 2.7% of my overall damage. I can't say how much I lost from the static power, but 2.7% seems like a pretty decent bump.
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