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11.22.2012 , 12:49 AM | #27
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This patch is terrible for PVP!!!!

Now everyone will unsub because they will just see they're bad and it wasn't all gear gap.

Seriously though,should make PvP more evenly matched in the gear aspect but no amount of gear will fix:

- People walking through the fire. On purpose. Mind = bottled.

- People who still stand on the goal line with a leapy guy w/ the ball in the pit or on the edge at all. Seriously there is no reason to be there. Played my first ever PvP match on my lvl 11 Sentinel, scored all three of our goals in this manner.

- The guy I solo capped on while he had 100% health. Stealth up like a BAU5 > Stun > start cap > he breaks > Force Lift > lightning fast cap start > cap is complete as he touches the ground. No discipline on breaker use.

- Being out of position, not responding to incs, not calling incs or being baited away from nodes.

- No class knowledge. Had a guy on here get mad at me the other day because I quoted him and said I stopped reading at, and I quote, "I'm not sure if PT's have stealth or not."

- Seeing this a lot more recently. Two people guarding the node when we only have one and are struggling to get another. I pointed this out to someone and they called me elitist. I don't even...

Hopefully people will learn that these are the things that lose WZ not only the other team being in better gear now that everyone should be pretty close together in stats.
Please add backpedaling and 2+ people beating on a DPS while a healer stands to the side untouched to this list.

Thanks in advance.