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The gamers here need to realize something. F2P is for the shareholders, not the community.

F2P is not a magic wand that automatically adds more and better content.
F2P does not equal interesting and engaging story.
F2P does not fix bugs.

F2P will not save TOR if EA/Bioware do not overhaul the game's direction and end game content. You know, the stuff that was so boring and redundant that enough of the player base left and EA felt the need to change the pay model 6 months after launch. I hope that they realize F2P won't make people spend money - a good and fun game makes people spend money. Here's to hoping.
Your speaking to the gamers here? I would think you want to speak to Bioware. Telling gamers how they should feel, apparently so they will not longer support or compliment free to play seems to be a counterproductive activity at best.

I think its likely folks can make up their own minds as to what F2P means to them and this game overall.

You make a few good points certainly...but dispense with the propaganda. You can tell folks why you dont like the current system, but please avoid trying to tell others how they should feel.