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Abandoned to Thrive

Ald had always been a bit strange. He was born to what appeared to be a pair of normal humans. His parents had obviously been expecting a normal human child of similar skin tone, eye color, hair color. A child of their own. What they got instead was a strangely orange infant with orange eyes. A pureblood in name only as he was obviously not a true Sith Pureblood. His parents took him home to raise him as their own until his sensitivity made it too dangerous to continue. So they left him. They took him to the jungles of Dromund Kaas, told him to go hide and they would come find him, and they left. They left him to thrive or die. And he thrived.

Yozusk. Sleen. Vine cat. All food. All meat and protein. All hard as hell to kill without a well-placed cliff fall. Once the beast of choice was downed he had five minutes to gather as much as he could into his poorly constructed animal leather pouch before the predators of the jungle came for their share. He used the vines and overgrowth clinging to the cliff to climb back up. It had taken him a while to master this skill. After his first near death experience with hungry predators sensing an easy meal, he worked on it like the Sith he was.

He made it back to the cave he had recently claimed as his own. His old one was on the way to being discovered, but it made little difference. None of these places were home and none of them ever would be. It didnít matter. Being left alone in the jungles didnít matter as long as it made him stronger. He knew that much. Sith were strong. Only the weak died, the strong survived and conquered all obstacles. Failure was not an option.

He started a small fire far enough outside the cave to vent the smoke, but under enough cover to keep the flame burning strong in spite of the rain. Tonight, he would eat. Tomorrow, he would hunt down the Imperials who were sure to find his old cave and kill them. They wouldnít send another patrol for a while after and the Brute of the Jungle would be allowed to hunt and thrive in relative peace.
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