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The gamers here need to realize something. F2P is for the shareholders, not the community.

F2P is not a magic wand that automatically adds more and better content.
F2P does not equal interesting and engaging story.
F2P does not fix bugs.

F2P will not save TOR if EA/Bioware do not overhaul the game's direction and end game content. You know, the stuff that was so boring and redundant that enough of the player base left and EA felt the need to change the pay model 6 months after launch. I hope that they realize F2P won't make people spend money - a good and fun game makes people spend money. Here's to hoping.
When you read about people on these forums and seeing people in game talking about how they spend a years worth of subscription fees in one single day to sit there and open up gambling boxes just for a 0.5% or maybe 1% chance of getting something that they want (on top of the sub some of them are already paying for.) you realize with depressing certainty that F2P actually does make people spend money. Quite a lot in fact.

It is true, as has been proven in other games that have switched to a hybrid f2p mode, that this initial surge will level off at some point. That is when you will see the content. And by content I mean things that were designed to be sold in the store as well. Sure, they will have to add more instances and things to keep playing but most of the focus will be coming up with ways to make people buy stuff in the store since that will be a main source of revenue for them.

Sadly, F2P players are not endgame players and I have a hunch that the end game that is lacking now will only continue to do so in the future. The aren't going to devote lots of money and man hours on it because it won't return as much on their investment than if they came up with another absurd looking speeder to get people to buy even more gambling packs.

F2P is all about player churn, not player retention. Get a player in the door and get him to spend half a year or a years worth of a subscription fess in the store during the couple of months they play the game before they move on to the next one. Then wash, rinse, repeat over and over again with each new customer.

So, I know you are hoping, just don't get your hopes up too high is all I guess I'm trying to say.