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That's exactly what crossed my mind about the root/snare resolve. Carnage offers some great crowd control as do some other specs, like either DPS sorc spec. It would make a sorcs life living hell.
If they replaced some of our CC with some actual real burst damage and put back in the instant cast procs we used to have (minus the double cast bug of course), I'd be more than happy about it.

My issue is that- if they decide to nerf our CC into the ground like they nerfed everything else for us- we'll go from being a class that's brought along almost solely for the bubble to being a class that isn't brought, period.

I don't mind a CC heavy spec- but make it a spec. If we have a tree that's called 'damage' it needs to do either burst for pvp, or sustained that comes with pressure.

Lightning and madness lack burst, they have good over time damage but there's no pressure- you don't feel any sort of urgency. It's why as a healer when I have 1 or 2 sorcs beating on me it's a yawn to outheal them- whereas having a single PT, jugg or mara on me is a desperate fight for my life I'll likely lose.

That would be fine if pvp wasn't confined to small areas around doors/turrets where you need a short TTK- sorcs aren't fundamentally flawed in pvp, they're flawed in this game's low TTK dependent pvp.

Until you've tried as a sorc to kill a ball carrier, or down turret guards or clear a VS door- then tried again as one of the classes that has heavy burst/pressure you won't realize how vast the difference is.

That stun is our best chance of surviving and disrupting others- so BW, please, if you take it away- give us something else, or you're just going to see the same sorc exodus you saw in 1.2 because playing a sorc after 1.2 really was miserable.