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In terms of pure solo survivability, the Assassin beats everything hands down.

I have a character of every advanced class into at minimum mid levels. The one thing i have noticed this far, is how easy the Assassin does in survivability. Sure the class does have its flaws in terms of damage MID LEVELS - remember I am speaking about MID LEVELS.

One ability my Assassin was able to do whilst leveling, was take on bosses 5 levels above my own whilst barely paying attention to the game. To this day, i have not been able to do the same with any other class.
My time card ends on December 5th. I have no intent to subscribe, let alone play, after i have completed all 9 episodes of KotFE. Likely i will subscribe for a single month to finish off the ''season'', play what remains and then say good bye to SWTOR until the END of the next season. Enjoy Bioware!