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I've noticed that when I get D7 HM, I'll quite often have DPS using an interrupt or stun on the claw when it's chasing them to get it off them. Problem is, this seems to reset the claw's target. Since no-one else can damage it, who's the only person in the room with threat on the claw? The healer. So, the claw immediately starts chasing them and they can't heal. (It's not so bad for a scoundrel as they can heal on the move, but a sage or commando is stuffed.) Some idiot somewhere seems to have spread the misinformation that getting it off you and onto the person keeping you alive is a good idea.

I did D7 HM this evening with me on my shadow tank, a guildie on his commando healer and 2 random DPS, a sage and a vanguard. The vanguard was a bit of a numpty the whole time. Missed the repair droid on bulwark so the panel got repaired, pulled loads of random stuff etc. So, before we went in I specifically said in chat, do not interrupt or stun the claw, kite it.

What did the idiot vanguard do? Stunned it. Every time the message anounced that they had been targetted, a second or two later the claw immediately dropped them and went after our healer. He was getting blasted, running around all the time with no chance to top us up and it looked like we might wipe. I said in chat a couple of times "STOP INTERRUPTING THE CLAW!" The idiot vanguard kept doing it so the healer was targetted fully half the time.

I was on TS with my guildie so I said, let him die, he's doing more harm than good. We stopped healing him. He died. We left him dead. We completed the fight as a 3-man team, it took a little longer but was much easier because our healer had a chance to do their job. Before the fight ended, the vanguard respawned, so they lost their chance at the loot. (It was a sage drop anyway but they didn't know that and they weren't happy!)

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this tale of stupidity. Anyone else ever seen someone really, really not get the mechanics of a fight? Maybe if there's someone out there even stupider it'll make me less annoyed!
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