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The The Cute Pink Banthas are recruiting at this time! We're looking for 2-3 semi dedicated-ish individuals who are interested in conquesting but need help figuring it out and need a guild to call their home! We already have a guild ship and are just a few people short of reaching leaderboards. This's been a difficult week and several people in the guild are very busy due to the usual life stuff so it seems like a good opportunity to bring a few new folks on board.

For conquesting specifically, whether the planet stuff, crafting, pvp, gsf, or group finder FP's are your thing, they're all fine and welcome here. Right now we have 1-2 people trying to do each as they can. We don't care about the whole killing the turrets, pvp NPC's, and commanders... it's just troll bait. /shrug

We operate on PST starting around 4-5pm into the evening were usually just doing dailies or light WZ/GSF on the Repub side until this conquest thing came along. We have an Emp side but can't commit enough time to it to keep people entertained. We occasionally look for one addition to do dailies and Flashpoints (depending on time) with. Very casual. No voice chats until after a long vetting process and only if we need Mumble for HM FP / daily / pvp / whatever coordinations and some light chat. No time requirements, just try your best to be active. We have a private forum for RP stories, strategies and news) so no worries about the outside reading your RP stories.

Working adults where this's their tiny piece of get away. No drama. I can heal up through hard mode FP/Ops and whatever else the overworlds can throw at me, so don't worry about needing a healer. But either way you're free to play whatever you want. Guild vault with five tabs, four of which are private for co-op crafting. Trust is a huge huge issue. There has to be full trust. There can also be zero drama / stress / anxiety. We expect you to be cool headed, polite, calm, reasonable, understanding, empathetic, and tolerant. Basically we expect nothing but moral high ground at all times. You can be silly but:: moral high ground.

History: We been created technically since guild creation existed some time in 2011 but the long version is...

Die hard set on RP, casual, just going with the flow. You don't have to RP, but if you're on Beregrin you probably already do. We only roleplay our characters, and have full stories in the forum. You can do either, both, or neither. It's totally up to you. We just expect you to be tolerant of us, and vice versa.

I think that's about it. If you're still reading please direct message me if you wanted to talk and we'll hook up in game and talk. You may have seen me. I go by Lancer.
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