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Why is there always someone who has to belittle people who would like to have different options from them. Other games have "enable combat response effects" and such. Why can't those players who want to have an effect visible on their character have that option? Because you wouldn't use it?

You should be championing your fellow players desires for more game options if it does not negatively affect your own gameplay, not coming up with such unhelpful suggestions as "spend a little less time looking for shiny stuff on your toon".

And although having a huge player portrait area with massive icons smack in the middle of their screen may work for some, I don't like having the view of the action obscured in such a way.
i'm not trying to "belittle" anyone i just feel like sometimes there's people whom are misinformed and then i try to enlighten them. and no i wont "champion" my fellow players desires if i do not agree with them.