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Wait a second, two things caught my attention in this discussion. 1 - why would roleplayers be unhappy about the chair, hmm? I am not sure what to think about your limited imagination. Of course, a guy speeding through the desert on a flying throne would be ridiculous, but imagine a Darth hovering at walk speed through the Kaas citadel, talking to his apprentice that has to walk on foot. Imagine a Palpatine-like venerable sorcerer moving on the throne followed by his retinue.

Hell, if you want it to be stationary, then you can just not move it, for the love of God! A guild's council, all sitting on the thrones around a table at Korriban or DK, debating. When it can move, you can put it in nice circle or line for rp uses. Don't diss it just because your imagination is too limited to come up with something that isn't whining.

Why do the RIDICULOUS designs of most of the endgame armors not ruin your oh so fragile Star Wars immersion?

To all those claiming that they don't want useless gimmicks.. GOOD FOR YOU. Really. I am happy to hear that, now move along. First of all - as someone mentioned before me it's an MMO. Social stuff like funny pets, silly emotes and whatnot is just mandatory for players to have fun. You're not one of them? Well, too bad. DEAL WITH IT. Second thing - you don't want them, then don't buy them! As simple as that. Cartel Market from the beginning was advertised to have buckets of "useless gimicks" that some will enjoy. And yet people still ***** about it, astonishing.

Yes, this post is being written in anger. I'm a sith player, okay?

I just hope that BioWare comes up with some nice idea on how to expanding the contents available at CE and VIP vendors. Right now I don't really feel appreciated anymore as an owner of the CE. And they said it would be updated. But for now I will be happy if we'll get a steady stream of content updates for the Cartel Market. I would gladly pay 700 CC just for an adaptive version of the Sith Warrior's recruit gear helmet. In fact, I would buy two or three.

TL;DR version:

You don't want it - don't buy it. You don't like it - don't buy it. It ruins your immersion and makes you not enjoy the game? Go play an RPG. This is how MMO's always worked. You either get on with it or go play something else, as simple as that. Don't deny others their fun just because you don't like something. This game wasn't designed just for you to enjoy.
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