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Ranged classes will be tougher to handle with my ideas regarding hard stuns, but I think there are solutions. Depending on the class and ability they currently have, some hard stuns will just become a second mezz, others may be better off changed to a root (which will at least allow people to attack, even melee classes have some ranged abilities). I don't see why some ranged classes couldn't have a channeled stun, but I think these are far more effective for melee classes (mostly PT/VG here).
Do you play a ranged class? How are you going to kite effective if your stun is channeled and is 10m? What would be the point of using it since you're effectively self stunning yourself leaving you open for other melee to get within range to melt your face.

I don't think roots are on the top of my changes, but coupled with the amount of CC that people can be hit with, followed up by being rooted, it really makes players feel helpless. Perhaps the changes to resolve could alleviate some of this.
Putting roots on resolve would complete screw the game's kiting/anti-kiting dynamics. No thanks.