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11.21.2012 , 07:14 PM | #10
They're doing nothing.

Look at the Dev Tracker. No messages again today addressing the issues with 1.5. Instead they're hyping yet another F2P video, and a maintenance that has no information about the Cartel bugs or anything else that broke in 1.5. Instead it appears to be the usual 'stability and performance' maintenance.

Tomorrow being a holiday, which people tend to travel for, means we won't see any updates at all until Monday at the earliest. Must be nice taking a 4 day weekend after a major update that failed miserably, while your customers are left to twist in the wind.

I used to think BioWare could resist being fully assimilated by the Collective. It appears I was wrong, EA has completely infected this once great developer with terminal apathy.
"Due to the massive loss of subscribers in our flagship title, we decided to cancel Blizzcon this year, because frankly, we don't think there's anyone left who would show up."