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11.21.2012 , 07:05 PM | #17
It's a very messy fix tbh.

The best way to fix the resolve system is to use a resolve over time mechanic. All stuns and roots abide by it. The amount of simultaneous stuns getting thrown at you doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how long you are stunned for and what type of stun hits you.

Hard stuns fill the resolve bar very quickly... aka 4 - 5 seconds and your full resolved.
Mezzes fill the resolve bar at a slower rate.. aka 10 seconds full resolve.
Roots also fill the resolve bar at a slower rate.
Slows can't be added to a resolve table simply because classes like sin tank, pyro, sniper have offensive damage abilities that permanently slow the target. The result of adding them to the table would ensure players are running around full resolved all the time.

Once full resolved players get unstoppable. It's already in the game and it works! You can't be rooted, stunned or slowed while you have unstoppable. Any existing CC on you drops the moment you acquire unstoppable (effectively a cc break)

Resolve bar decays constantly. This forces players to stagger out their stuns or risk giving the player a full resolve bar in which he immediately loses all impairing effects and then gains immunity to them.

CC break fills resolve bar to full granting unstoppable.