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I would expect Marauders to be next. Their combination of Hit Points, Defensive Cool downs, and Burst-Intensive damage mechanics is a threat to overall PVP balance.

It should be readily apparent to the community that Rage-spec is horribly unbalanced when the only viable counter to it (Bubble-Stun Spam) is itself an unbalanced mechanic.

The best Hyrbid-Sorcs boasted of 800k DMG Warzones and kill totals in the 30-40 range.

The best Rage-spec are now boasting of 1Million DMG Warzones and kill totals exceeding 50.

I am sorry, those of you clinging to the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" analogy or any other defense of Rage-spec mechanics are doing so out of fear of the eventual Nerf, and principally out of the hope that Bioware patches PVP based on Forum Posts which your defense is attempting to moderate.

This is not a case of Hard Counters complaining about an inability to rule Warzones.

This is the case of a dominant PVP-spec that can and does rule Warzones in nominal and significant statistics declaring they are perfectly the top of the mountain.

I want to see a 5% DMG spread in these classes; that means Marauders and to a lesser extent Juggernaughts need to be brought down, and a number of classes need to be brought up.

PVP should be about Skill; Not stacking Rage-spec and Bubble-Stun players with a few healers and rolling through to easy wins.
Hi HPs of Marauders, eh? I have seen operatives and Sages with more HPs than I have in warzones. I am full war hero with elite war hero weapons. Very itemized Marauders will only have mid 19k HPs with all buffs. We do have strong defensive cool downs and that is because we are a medium armor class who has a very strategic and ephemeral cloak which lasts a MAXIMUM of 6 seconds (talented late in Annihilation). Otherwise it lasts only 4 seconds and it is on a 45 second cool down. We also have virtually no ranged capability and while we are meant for protracted engagements, we have to build our resources which places us in awkward positions at times necessitating those cooldowns. I have no fewer than 26 keybinds, any one of which I might need at a given moment. It is a complicated class with a lot of options which is both a celebrated feature as well as a curse.

Look, I tend to agree that Smash needs a nerf. It's a bit ridiculous right now (incidentally, I am carnage), but before we nerf anything, stun bubbles and the 100% armor penetration of Assault/Pyro PTs needs to be investigated (100% armor penetration because they largely use elemental damage and it ignores armor ).

Another thing. Mercenaries and Commandos need more--something. Unless I encounter only inexperienced players, they are not that difficult to remove from the field.