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This was also before they designated what each companion's role would be. At one time in beta, the customizations are what made their roles. So any of them could be any of the roles.
Of course then people probably cried about how complex such a system was and how too difficult it was to comphrehend...ah this game should have been so much better.

My viewpoint on this, with my Juggernaut is this: Yeah Quinn would have been slowly executed had I had an actual choice. I don't need a healer, I use Jaesa all the time, if I need a healer, I ask for a REAL, LIVE, HUMAN to group up with me for y'know, flashpoints and all that good stuff.

Thanks for holding my hand and making my choices for me Bioware. I really appreciate it.

Bioware, taking the RP out of RPG since Mass Effect 3.