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11.21.2012 , 06:18 PM | #118
So here is my current gearing... does it show up for you?

The only variation I have on that gear is that I also have a third advanced resolve 27 armoring that was in the offhand that I replaced with the EWH armoring because the stats on that armoring are now slightly better than regular war hero as before they were slightly worse.

As far as the issue of expertise, my friend was totally wrong and I am surprised at the bad advice. I played a full evening with a full exp build(1390 exp). I was still doing lots of damage, but I was getting less kills as it was harder to burst down a target before they could react- the burst seemed to suffer. I did seem to have more survivability but you really only need that with this spec if you are playing dumb.

Then I played a night with all pvp mods except the crystals which I replaced with +41 power and this was a noticeable boost. I feel that this is the best way to optimize your gear with pve mods because the power crystals are very cheap and it is a 1:1 trade of expertise for power(the best stat to boost damage).

I then added the advanced resolve 27 armorings back to belt/bracers instead of the WH armorings and played for a night and saw a further boost and was able to burst down targets very easily just like before I tried the full exp build. This is the build that I linked and it is one of the best I have played so far. It is of note that compared to the WH offhand armorings you are losing 50exp and gaining 36 willpower by using the resolve 27 armorings. It is going to be less of a boost item for item than switching out the crystals.

I havent made the judgement call as to whether it is worth it to have the resolve 27 armoring in the offhand.

Looking forward to replacing the rest of my mods/enhancements with EWH versions- and the armorings too once the patch hits.