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i agree that the 2nd part is not as good for the inquis as the 1st, but i love the storyline, the end is amazing, very darkish, and i suppose starwarsy, it feels SI stays true to hes character / story.
Some sort of Spoilers about Jedi Knight/Sith Inq story below.
I have a huge issue how TOR's stories are almost always about suitcases, not about people and character development. You are always off to planet Herp to secure either Imperial Superweapon or Ancient Mystery Cube. You do this ad nausea.

Sith Empire is holding a dangerous proto type weapon. We must either seize or destroy it!
HOW MANY TIMES is this structure repeated during Jedi Knight story?? Seriously. It stopped being fun long ago.
Sith Inq suffers from same BS, just replace super weapon with Ancient Mystery Cube.

Sometimes there is brief blib of light in form of something interesting happening between you and your companion. These never last long or keep you occupied for relevant lengths of time tho.

Sith War story really stands out in this regard. It gives proper emphasis to PEOPLE, as opposed to mystery cubes or weapons.