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I tried deleting my VISA account settings and enter it again, and now I can't even enter any new details. So God knows what will happen once it's time to renew the subscription in a few days time. BioWare, you're really starting to piss off people here.
If you call Customer Support and go through to Accounts and Billing they can add the VISA for you.

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Think that's the problem know one seems to know what is ahppning with the coin issue my guess is people bought so many they didn't expect it so have suspended it so game isn't flooded with items but this does goes against bioware/Ea money making regime

This wouldn't Explain the inability for people to pay for subscriptions. This Error is effecting the Entire Payment Gateway, not just the Cartel Coins.

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I was told there was a limit to the number of transactions per day - 5 -
I was also told this by CS, however it doesn't explain the Failure of the first 5 transactions. And I was trying to subscribe, not purchase Cartel Coins.

I have a feeling that The fact that this exists, is the reason no real movement has been made, It seems all the CS reps are just assuming this is the cause.