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11.21.2012 , 05:57 PM | #22
I can't really comment on what has been said as far as better gear dropping in HMs but I'd settle for the item that drops for columi gear being universal (ya know columi boots, columi chest). I've run about 20 HMs so far (I know it's not a ton) but have yet to see anything other than jedi drops off the final bosses, it's starting to be very discouraging, even more so when the item is just greeded because all the jedi already have the items.

I'm wearing just customs with armor and mods/enhancements with the daily items in them, I do have my columi belt and bracers but my god can I PLEASE get something with a set bonus on it already?? I almost have enough coms for to BUY my chest piece but I know if I do it'll be the first item i actually get.

Edit: I just realized I can buy 4 pieces of Tionese armor with all the coms and crystals I have but I haven't gotten any of them to drop (Tionese or Columi) that's just sad.