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It's not bad when I get going I can do just as big, But you bring up a ton of points more so about the companies that get so blown over and missed , or completely misdirected, more so with Disney- I love how people seem to completely assume they are this insane far fringe right minded company.
I'm not assuming this, I'm just cautious. Whenever a new company takes over an existing franchise, first thing they usually do is try to make the transition as smooth as possible and not draw unnecessary attention (during that transition) to things that may come back to haunt them later. I have no idea how deep Disney looks into this, so I'm not claiming to have any inside knowledge on this, but I'd understand (from an economic point of view) if all content that's either possibily controversial or expensive would be postponed until the new lead has positioned itself towards it, which would include the preparation of press releases, marketing, financing and all that. It's simply a business thing and has nothing to do with them being falsely perceived as "far fringe and right minded". I do not think that they are. Their history does not show that.

I'm happy if I'm wrong with content possibly being postponed due to that transition, all I was saying is that Disney buying the SW franchise might have an effect on the timeline of things, just as it might have an effect on other parts of the game that are just now in the works but need final approving.