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11.21.2012 , 05:27 PM | #20
if you are level 42 sentinal and you use doc and you hold one of the robots, you can get him down to about 800 hp if u stay on top of cancelling his flame attack thats the best i have been able to do with out a group which i never am able to find. maybe if u are a character that can use heavy armor its easier .
but your armor wont protect against the fire bomb. the spam he slings is hard because it requires u to be able to direct your companion to assult the other droid which is no good if you are playing with Doc no other powers really work and using your epic force seems to accelerate the amount of damage he is able to do while lowering docs heal your best chance is to use kira because she will draw damage and that will get u with in just a second of being able to beat him .
i have the same issues at 42 with the Sith boss you find back at the camp with two other siths i almost beat him all the time though i generally get lucky enough to have a weird latency burp every time i am close to managing an impossible task that allows the npc to win.
i am kind of not the fan of forced socializing outside of the flash points. i really think that most normal play should be able to be done outside of group quests .
some of us play video games when we dont feel like going out and finding people to do things with lol
if i wanted to be forced to find friends and work together i would take a second job for a hobby lol but overall its ridiculous that 6 level higher is not enough to beat some parts of the game on your own like i said i think all the people who have had success are using characters that can use heavy armor