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Wow. Well, I'm sure I'll never be able to convince to otherwise.

For myself and the friends that I play with, we were able to finish HM LI before we finished HM EV and HM KP. And this was before the heavy 1.4 nerf hammer.

The very first time I ever did HM LI, on my first level 50, I got the Columi MH, which was a welcome upgrade and it was totally worthwhile.

It saddens me that so many people clamored for a nerf on HM LI. I've been defending keeping it hard BEFORE I HAD EVER MADE IT PAST LR-5, because I liked the idea of a challenge. I liked the idea that it was a flashpoint I had to get better to defeat. When I finally mastered it, it was an accomplishment.

Later on, Bioware listed to the "cry nerfs" and made it easier.

You are now clamoring for as much loot as drops in an weekly lockout operation to drop in an infinitely repeatable flashpoint, because you personally feel that it is harder than a nightmare operation. I (and many others that I know) heavily disagree with that difficulty assessment.

I sincerely hope Bioware doesn't listen to you and any others wanting for more loot for HM LI or (God forbid) making it even easier than they already have.
Darth Jadus was super hard before 1.2, it's such a challenge to beat him. But should Bio fix it? Yes.

This is FP, if its drop does not match the difficulty, then it's a problem.