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Ok. Deadly Sins - Envy
Green Monster
bh - Skari and Crae (and Gault)
no spoilers - plot point summary will be added to previous post
Author's Note:
I am SUCH a Crae fangirl, I love him, I love your characterization of him, I like that despite himself he cares for Skari in his own depraved way.....I love him almost to the same degree that I love Scourge. What is with these bad boys?

@Bright, then there's Vierce! Who I am just as in love with!! Those shorts were wonderful and really flesh him out. Also the slash....oh the slash, poor Wynston....kinda.

@ Tatile, I need to echo Mags here, I'm so glad those boys are at least talking again, and even if it ultimately doesn't work out, I'm glad they're trying.

@Mags, Corso and Miriah! Ugh, early, painful, wonderful love!!

@Fino, The drabbles were wonderful! I'm loving getting to know Ald!