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11.21.2012 , 04:58 PM | #21
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They don't cater to Watchman/Annihilation... And they were trying to cater to the whiners, ended up screwing everyone except concealment ops, with the resolve changes so melee dps weren't roaming around the WZs like "wrecking balls with full resolve".
Wait, everyone got screwed on something except concealment Ops? So that's why I sit there mezzed for like 15 seconds, getting pissed as all hell, when a coordinated group uses back-to-back mezzes in a wz? Somehow my concealment Op is actually affected by that, must be a bug that affects only me.

...And how do they not cater to watchman spec? B/c they nerfed your healing a whole HALF a point in this last patch? Doesn't have the same burst as the other specs, but it has more sustained dmg. I can pull over 400k with my MK-1 recruit geared sentinel in watchman spec. I've seen watchman specs in WZs hit over 5k for their highest hit, so its not like the burst isn't there for that spec either.

My mind hurts thinking that a watchman sentinel would feel like they've gotten the shaft...