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Chapter 16:
A One Shot

Upon leaving Balmorra, Havoc Squad was sent to Quesh to rescue a squad of troopers called the Safecrackers, who had been trapped behind enemy lines.

Dorne loaded her pistol as the shuttle debarked from the orbital station and headed for the planet. She rubbed her upper arm where the doctor had injected her with anti-venom for the atmosphere on Quesh.

“So, when do we get to wreck something?” Vik asked.

He had taken a few hours to get over being mad at Prudii for letting the weapons go to the Republic and Balmorrans. But after that he had been almost insufferably cheery.

“Soon,” Prudii replied. “We’ll attack an Imp outpost to distract them from the Safecrackers, and then we’re off Quesh. Easy.”

“Yeah,” Jorgan said, crossing his arms. “Easy.”

* * *

Vik loaded his rifle and stood to one side of the entrance to the Imperial outpost. Dorne had her pistol out, and she stood beside Vik. Jorgan stood to the other side of the door, rifle out, and Forex was behind him. Prudii was planting a detonator on the door.

“Ready…” Prudii said. “Clear!”

He activated the breach charge and leapt aside as the door imploded. A hail of blaster bolts flew from the outpost. Vik whirled inside and opened fire. He cut down two Imps and ducked as Dorne and Prudii fired over his head.

“Spread out!” Prudii ordered. “Jorgan, Dorne, you’re with me. Vik, take Forex and do damage where it’ll hurt them the most.”

Vik grinned. “Roger.”

They split up down the hall. Vik entered the outpost’s power generator. He blasted down one of the guards, and Forex got the other. One of the engineers stood and reached for his pistol. Vik executed him.

“Anyone else goes for a weapon gets shot, too,” he said. “If you don’t want to die: leave!”

The engineers scrambled for the door, dropping their holstered weapons to the ground for good measure. Vik planted a detonator on the generator and opened a link to Prudii.

“This’ll make their eyes water,” he said. “Forex and I’ll meet you outside. Vik out.”

* * *

Jorgan cut down one of the Imperial guards and Dorne got the other. A battle droid squad charged in and fired. Jorgan whirled and switched his rifle to fully automatic and spread fire through the squad. The droids sparked and dropped.

“Targets down,” he said.

Prudii blasted the officer standing by the main console in the command center. The man dropped. Jorgan stood behind Prudii as he hacked into the console.

Jorgan looked around once to make sure all the Imps were dead and then slung his rifle over his shoulder. Prudii contacted the Safecrackers’ CO, Coria, and confirmed they were safe.

“Then we’re done,” Prudii said. “Vik, we’re on our way out. Count to twenty and then blow the generator.”

“Thought you’d never ask,” Vik said.