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Blast it, I've completely lost my ability to tell if this sucks.
Nope. Definitely not. I really love the character you put into Crae, deliciously twisted. <3

@bright_ephemera re: Vierce I love the timeline and the insight into his old gang. re: Wyn/Quinn, Wynston's ability to remember every detail about what's written about him is hilarious. I wonder if he'll start thinking about himself or Quinn in those 'only sweat served to soften the hard grind of stubble on skin' terms. dear lord make it stop.

@Tatile yay reconciliation! maybe kinda. I hope it works out. I love them so much.

@Striges Rixik and restraint? Not in this universe very well done describing it from the poor SIS guy's perspective. (Can SIS ever make a safe safehouse? Ever?) Also, yay for helmets that work with lekku, now make this a thing Bioware.

@Magdalane poor Miriah!