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Perhaps, if they are putting Makeb as 1.6 (big if at the moment), they didn't want the PvP testing to be overshadowed by "omg planet "? This way they can have PvP'ers levelling on the new map (no character copies this time, again) and discussing their issues without having to compete with "look at this shiny rock I found, I hit this quest NPC with it".

PvP's last map came out in April? It came with Denova, at any rate. They need some "me" time.

Not that story players don't need "me" time, of course, but there's usually a lot more yelling of "how can you like story? GAWD" involved and it requires less balancing issues.
Definitely time PvPers got an update. It's interesting that they have the new warzone and space combat up first, if they are planning to add more to the PTS for 1.6. As you say, you could infer that they want to get that tested before they put something bigger and shinier up for testing.

I notice the patch notes/Test Center update describe the new space missions as "50+" and that new 50s will be given Tionese gear for free. The latter might imply they are trying to get everyone reasonably geared for Makeb so it's easier to tune for players just starting to level past 50.

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