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11.21.2012 , 04:13 PM | #25
As far as new 50's, they will remain bad. For every new 50 you see today that arrives fully prepped with 3000 rwz comms and 2000 wz comms, you see two that show up in a wz wearing greens and blues. And one of those two will get indignant when you tell him they give away Recruit gear for free. Mention to that guy that he would go ape sh*t if someone was able to show up in pvp gear and force him to carry the pvper through TFB HM, and that he is effectively doing the same thing on the pvp side, and he will go silent and not say a word. And still not get Recruit gear.

That ratio of prepared 50s to unprepared 50's to willfully unprepared 50's in wz will not change in 1.6. If anything, midway through 1.6, we'll see the first fresh 50's in wz who are F2P players. And a meaningfully lower percentage of them will be in the "prepared" category.