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Striges - Rixik is such an interesting character.

Tatile - Awww, the two of them trying to find their way again! Much to resolve, they have.

Mags - I just want to hug Miriah And Corso for being a gentleman

Bright - Hazard and Temple recording slash fic for...uh...posterity's sake (uh huh, right). Wynston's affront over defencelessness. Love it love it. I just need to give up and accept my Wynston fangirl t-shirt, don't I?
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Ok. Deadly Sins - Envy
Green Monster
bh - Skari and Crae (and Gault)
no spoilers - plot point summary will be added to previous post
Author's Note:
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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