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Yeah that's the lame thing I see. I JUST finished grinding full WH on my Marauder, that is playing no ranked matches, so I'm trading in @ 3:1 ratio for commendations.

Then I grinded up a 50 Operative and now i have half a set of WH with some BM peices. Now, I can either cap my commendations and not buy anything for the next many weeks, then upgrade as much as I can, or I can keep buying at 3:1 ratio, only to have JUST spent many weeks wasting commendations only to have all my gear put up for sale at cheap Battlemaster prices, and just have to grind an entirely new set of armour again, at 3:1 ratio.

I was almost done the gear grind on both of my toons. Now I have to start over. Now a fresh 50 can come in and in probably one day (if he is capped) have an entire set of WH gear that matches mine.

Yes, TL; DR = QQ
With this change it's quite possible that ranked matches will be much more common and more accessible.

The rating system might actually have a chance to work for once since there will (hopefully) be more people in the queues. now we will will get what a lot of people have been asking for:

- Spend a week or 2 in Recruit gear while you get all your WH gear. Hopefully with mostly other recruits/BM.

- Move up to ranked once you have it. I really think this will even things out in ranked as there won't be such a high barrier for entry and with more teams queuing you are more likely to get matched with a team of your skill level.

There is still the issue of finding 7 other players but hopefully people will be more willing to PvP now that the grind is essentially gone. r

As for having to have traded all your comms in to get your WH now well, those are the breaks. You couldn't have honestly thought that they would stop at WH and you would have the best gear forever. Things get cheaper as time goes on. It sucks I spent a bunch of comms for my Commandos WH pieces and just recently bought a bunch of BM gear for my Shadow with comms from my Commando to get him ready for being 50 and now it's basically useless. I would have been better off banking them as ranked. But oh well, this is a great change and I'm looking forward to it and Ancient Hypergates.
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