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If you have a more authoritative calculation for Sonic/Blade Barrier absorption, I'm all ears.
I do not. I'm a jugg and I wish that calculation were accurate. Again, all I can say is the logs do not support this. Always less than 1k. I don't need the right answer to tell you yours is wrong.

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Yet this tells me I need 100 more endurance and 100 less defense chance?!?! Sorry, I have a hard time accepting this would help me, whats your thoughts?
Marb is right. I left the stats in there a demonstration of how the gear change works. The sheet does not make suggestions. It only calculates the current value of the stat in relation to each and their own diminishing returns curve.

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At this point it tells me that addind def is more beneficial but it needs to come out of shield, at which time abosrb effectiveness takes a hit. adn then it becomes too much for me to remove either relic and replace with healing proc.
The stat weights are on a constantly sliding scale such that changing one affects the values of the others. That's what makes it useful. If you want to use a relic that cannot be quantified in the stats, then I would switch it out as best you can and then rebalance your stats with switching augments/mods/enhancements.

Quote: Originally Posted by sankalp View Post
Squishiness 0.248556921
SigmaSquish 0.243048069
Spikey-ness 1.701336485

Could you explain these numbers a bit more, I dont know what exactly they mean.
First for these numbers, smaller is always better. Second, I didn't make that part, but Squish is really the same as Total Mitigation which I did make specifically because I preferred it that way. Squish is the average % of the boss's total (ranged/melee) damage that you take after mitigation. Total Mitigation is the average percent of the damage that is stopped by your mitigation.

The others are more complicated... Sigma-squish is the typical consistency of how your health drops (steady vs. inconsistent). High defense and/or low armor both tend to make this go up whereas high shield/absorb and/or armor make this go down because you shield more attacks than you dodge and armor (for the purposes of this) catches everything so the damage level you take is more consistent. Healers prefer slow, predictable levels of health loss.

Spikey-ness is really a measure of armor so there's really no control over it in SWTOR currently. It compares how much damage reduction is from dodge/deflect compared to armor.

Squish is an overall survivability view whereas Sigma-squish and Spikey-ness focus on situational survivability and how to negate RNG issues (i.e. keeping health loss steady rather than "spikey").

Assassin tanks will always be the highest in spikiness because you have less armor. However your self-healing, which is not accounted for here, negates a lot of this. For this reason do not compare your Spikey-ness or Sigma-squish to non-Assassin tanks. It is fairly safe to compare Squishiness/Total Mitigation across classes but self-healing (and jugg sonic barrier) does affect this as well (and cannot be accounted for).