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11.21.2012 , 03:53 PM | #14
Q. Your character name.
A. Kea'ariaku

Q. Your server name.
A. The Ebon Hawk

Q. Area logged in to (ie. Republic Fleet, Voss, etc).
A. Belsalvis

Q. Approximate time when the incident occurred.
A. Everything was fine when I logged out at noon pacific, my char was affected when I logged back into the game at 1:20pm pacific time.

I lost any datacron shards I have collected, most of my vehicles, and all quickbars were wiped out. None of my other chars appear to be affected. After logging back in, I received all the in-game mails with items like my Digital Edition, Collector Edition, Founder, Recommend a Friend items; just as if it was a new char. I am very displeased that this happened, more so when I have 113 days left of subscription on my account.