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Quote: Originally Posted by Cilas View Post
I didn't state it in the original post. Does anyone have objections? When was this achieved?

Sorry I've been so lazy. If you have a record that hasn't been updated in the original post, please pm me or repost and I'll add. There are sooooooo many posts in this thread now, lol. Takes a while to go through and verify
this last Sunday 11/18 according to the file. Definitely after F2P since i have so many quick-bars. If anyone wants to help me figure out what to do with them, let me know

Also, i may be biased but i wouldnt mind

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No objection. That is insane its like your whole team never tried to score just murdered the ball carrier rinse repeat. A 0-0 game where all of your team had double the objective points of the other team. Please tell me how that game went down
They controlled 3/4ths of the map so it basically went like this.
1) They grab the ball
2) Run the ball passed the first or second fire
3) We jump out of spawn and burst down or push/cc the ball carrier into the fire
4) We throw the ball away/die while in our endzone/pit
5) Rinse and repeat.

The times we did grab the ball, we would get killed pretty quick. Apparently, i had the ball at least 8 times (my attack points were 4k) which means that the pass to me was a last resort or i had to grab the ball too often. Either situation is bad for a GS lol.

I do remember the ending was sad but fitting. we had the ball untill the ball carrier was killed in the last few seconds. most of us were running out of the spawn point at the time.