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I for one am tired of.

1. Going up against premades even though there is a perfectly good rated system out there, (why dont they use it? because the ques are way way too long because there is no cross server pvp ques.) premades rolling pugs constantly will only bleed more casual subs and discourage F2P folks from sticking with PVP.
i don't have a problem with solo only Q option, but the real difference maker isn't "is the other team a partial premade." the real question 4 or 5 of my teammates have less than 16k hp. if the answer is yes, then my team loses 95% of the time. that said, the best grp with the best. so it's rather annoying to be their fodder for 5-15 minutes.

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2. no cross server ques... why is it that pretty much every major MMO has this feature esp for pvp but this one does not, most of the player base that pvp's are casuals so the pro pvpers have been pretty much discouraged from queing up for rateds which directs them to steam rolling pugs for smiles and grins. with the pvp que system being left for server only it leaves pvp guilds open for win trading in rates now, if they are the only two groups queing then they will get matched together rince and repeat. We need cross server pvp ques badly.
i sincerely believe that BW would have instituted x-server queues a year ago if they could. I'm as sure as I could possibly be (without actually knowing!) that they lack the technological know-how and/or ability to create x-server queues. and if they ever do figure it out, kiss good-bye to vstar for at least a month.

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3. The overly excessive CC in this game to hide class imballance, patch 1.4 was the most rediculous patch to date, there were no players out there that clamord for much more CC in WZ's, pre 1.4 was still high but tollorable but the constant CC is rediculous, by the time your resolve bar fills you are dead, then you get the pleasure of watching it drop behind a invisible wall only to rince and repeat.
+1. iunno who asked for more CC, but please unsub and recant...preferably in reverse order. thanks.

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4. The dead silence from BW on these issues despite the fact that it is and has been a complaint since most of the major patches esp premade's steam rolling solo que's.
yeah..umm....iunno. I would say that given BW's inability to construct x-server or intuitive queues, a solo only option is the next best thing. they could also stop trying to back fill wz's and just let them end, or they could give ppl a choice about whether they wanna join an in progress wz or remain in queue for a fresh one - also, set a cutoff "score" for each WZ in regard to when a back fill can/will be brought in.

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the sad thing is that BW will never read this post or possibly many of the other threads in the pvp forums, any answer is more favorable to dead silence. i would rather them tell me were not going to change this or that and if you dont like it hit the road over them not saying anything at all.
no. it's prolly more sad that I re-upped my 6 month sub, knowing full well that BW won't do much or anything over that period of time. damn you lucas!
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