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11.21.2012 , 03:20 PM | #4
Power over Endurance is only better in an optimal tanking scenario, where everyone is doing exactly what they need to be (including Heals/DPS), and the extra power makes your healers job slightly easier because you build a bit better threat, do a bit more damage and your blade barrier absorbs a bit more.

However, most tanking scenarios are not optimal, if they were you wouldn't need to worry about min/maxing your stats in the first place. And in situations where a healer is otherwise preoccupied momentarily, extra HP will benefit you more than extra power would.

I think how one gears is ultimately up to them, and while I do generally lean towards mitigation, in a question of power or main stat vs endurance, I'll take endurance as a tank usually. Taunts are far more powerful than any threat you build with your actual attacks, and the extra HP can most certainly make the difference when things don't go as planned, which unfortunately is bound to happen because people are human.

There's also the additional benefit as a Guardian of Enure adding an even greater temporary total to your HP. For example, a Guardian with 28k HP would get 8.4k extra HP during Kephess' final burn phase in HM TFB when he pops Enure, as opposed to a 24k HP Guardian getting 7.2k extra HP, and since your healers can't really effectively get casts off at that time, the extra HP can make a huge difference.

All that being said, the clicky relic only lasting 20 seconds compared to 30 for the Campaign one is definitely in the Campaign relics favor and likely an oversight. Personally tho, I go with 1 War Hero Defense relic and one Dread Guard Absorb proc relic.