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Tip what you feel like tipping, regardless of how many people know the schematic for the item being crafted. If the tip is required then its no longer a tip, and be sure to call out people who do that. Charging a fee is fine if they want to do that, but they should at least be honest and call it a fee.

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It is sickening to see how people, early on, are acquiring their gear through sweat and blood and the fruits of their labour are later exploited which allows the rest of the server to gear up extremely quick with minimum effort. For me high prices for rare items is a matter of principle. There are many items I can't make and yet I don't spit or laugh at the crafters who make them and want to make as much of them as they can before someone steals it. If most players were those proper end-game raiders they'd understand.
There's already a thread for the super elite to air their grievances about the non exploit; please leave the off topic insults, hyperbole, and invective there.