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I do not see this as a time sink as the stats are hardly noticeable. Someone made a post and you can get what an extra 30 will power which

I would also say a new warzone is content and making WH the cost of BM is a huge improvement in the efforts to control the complaints on the forums.
heh. I kind of thought the same thing, if the ewh weapons are any indication. main stats are pretty meh. the only obvious advantage I found to ewh mainhands are that the hilts/barrels upgrade one's specialty power stat. exp, main stat and crit are all negligible. alac and power, however, could be serious upgrades (not that anyone stacks the former).
Kracks and other assorted stuff on Jedi Covanent
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TL;DR Bolster is meant to help entry level players, ranked PvP is not entry level PvP.