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11.21.2012 , 03:13 PM | #17
Jugg DPS is very good - this myth that we can't dps only helps us IMO. Last time I pugged a TFB HM they were hesitant to bring me and obviously had very low expectations (raid lead said they'll swap if we struggle with dps - obviously aimed at me), I ended up topping the DPS charts over their sniper, merc and mara. Low expectations = can only suprise them .

There was also a thread on the forums here somewhere about some guy min-maxing both jugg and mara dps, and the juggs DO top a bit shorter than the mara. But in the end this is fairly insignificant unless you're in one of those elitist guilds who take the day off of work just to be the first kill or something...

tl:dr; any class is good if you learn and play it correctly, so just play what you like
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