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your not understanding me right. I am fine with making the current WZ gear easier I am also ok with making the current BM and WZ closer. What i am not alright with is having to grind more stupid tokens to have top tier gear that is comparatively less effective (the difference between tier 1 & 2) than it is now.
Ok i see. You feel you "have to grind stupid tokens". Much of the community in this game don't feel they have to grind EWH. Each player can do what they want here. Personally I'll be fine with my 5 50s in a mix of WH and EWH gear so I can play each one in rateds. I'll also be fine with being rated ready in a week with my newest 50 after 1.6.

I assume you weren't happy when WH gear was added. Sadly that's the state of PvP in most MMOs right now. I don't like the idea of a gear grind either. But this change by no means forces players to grind the next gear to play end game pvp, that is, rated WZs.
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