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11.21.2012 , 02:53 PM | #12
I like the idea of making all stuns into channels ala force choke. that way, the stunner is limited in the dps he can uncork while you're sitting there helpless. however, the stealth classes (one more than the other atm) really do require the ability to dps a stunned target. and although I like this idea, I'm concerned that it will make healers nearly impossible to kill. I see a way around the first problem, but I don't see an immediate solution for the latter problem.

edit: i've already made my position on roots known. they ought to be affected by resolve - regardless of whether or not they build it. I don't mind being snared to infinitum. it sucks, but at least I'm moving. eating 3 stuns and then being rooted while someone caps an objective, however, is extremely frustrating and - obiviously imo - overkill. maybe turn a root into a snare if the person is enjoying his 4s of cc immunity? the immunity is incredibly short, given the amount of time one spends in stuns and mezzes. and you're almost always at a significant hp disadvantage at that point too. getting rooted on top of that is...well...overkill. it doesn't happen all the time, so i really don't understand what all the backlash is about, but w/e.
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