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Yeah that's the lame thing I see. I JUST finished grinding full WH on my Marauder, that is playing no ranked matches, so I'm trading in @ 3:1 ratio for commendations.

Then I grinded up a 50 Operative and now i have half a set of WH with some BM peices. Now, I can either cap my commendations and not buy anything for the next many weeks, then upgrade as much as I can, or I can keep buying at 3:1 ratio, only to have JUST spent many weeks wasting commendations only to have all my gear put up for sale at cheap Battlemaster prices, and just have to grind an entirely new set of armour again, at 3:1 ratio.

I was almost done the gear grind on both of my toons. Now I have to start over. Now a fresh 50 can come in and in probably one day (if he is capped) have an entire set of WH gear that matches mine.

Yes, TL; DR = QQ
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