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Why do I think that?

1) WH gear for a cost of current BM gear = more ppl with decent equip = smaller gear gap.

2) EWH vs. WH. EWH has only SLIGHT stat increase (rating 146 vs 150 - now bm wh is 140 vs 146).

3) new lvl 50 players can save up more than 7000 commendations = almost full WH gear once they hit lvl 50 + augments = again less gear gap and suffering for new players, more competitive play.

4) with the price on WH gear; getting fully agmented remodded WH set will be very cheap and fast = getting competitive gear very easily.

PS: I have toons with full modded WH gear and yes I'd LOVE to see more properly equipped players in warzones. I do think that 1.6. prices changes are more than welcome for the most people. Especially for the true pvpers who seeks competition and proper fight. Yes teamwork and fully EWH equipped ppl will have an edge still, BUT average pvp players or smaller groups of them will be able to do much more in wzs.

PSS: New wz is cool, totally cool and will require some proper cooradination when two decent groups meet.

TL;DR - the cheaper the proper pvp gear gets and the smaller the gear gap is, the more equal warzones are = more fun. Hopefully.
How do u save up more than 7k coms...or even 7k..?