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Keith I hardly ever see you in wzs anymore, you playing weird hours now or something. I used to see you at least once a day.
My name is Keith and I'm an altoholic.

I still play a lot but I've been mainly banking comms on my Shadow, leveling my Vanguard and Merc, doing raids and leveling crew skills. I don't know how people say there is nothing to do in this game. I constantly find myself with too much to do.

I should be PvPing on my Commando a lot more now since I'm going to wait until 1.6 to get my Shadow to 50. Now I can get him his WH gear as well as the rest of my alts so they have it ready for 50. If only I didn't just buy the whole BM Stalker /sigh.

I'm also really looking forward to the new WZ. You should check out Dulfy's site for the write up and vid. It looks like it's going to be awesome.
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