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So it could be non canon, just like many choices in KOTOR 1&2 and Force Unleashed. Overall the DS choice makes more sense.
This is a different situation though, as stand alones KOTOR 1 dark side works. KOTOR 2 dark side works (they even managed to make it fit with KOTOR 1 dark side) And the same for Force Unleashed. But if in a single game, there was to be a contradiction in storyline i.e LS BH kills Darth Tormen, Darth Tormen pops up on the Dark Council, the storyline would become fractured. While DS makes more sense you have to accomadate all players, especially role players. The only way of getting around this is having him appear as alive in EU works, or having him appear in the game, but not in the BH storyline. Both still don't fully solve the problem. The second one especially as I feel the storyline are to become more merged together.

While Tormen is a good candidate, there are too many obstacles to navigate. I would choose someone else if I were them. But I'm not, so I can't say for sure.

Alderaan is a very important planet even in that era, so the one who's handling it should be some important figure.
True, I was wrong to say he's not important. What I meant is that he's not that important to the story, unlike Gravus, he only appears at the end of the Alderaan quest line. What's more Biotic Tech doesn't suit him at all.

Too bad Severin got wasted, I really like him.
I whole heartedly agree with you, he was a favourite. Would have made an brilliant Expansion & Diplomacy councillor, and then we could have bumped of Ravage, I hate that guy! (I also think Malgus would have made a great Military Offense Councillor, don't you think its strange he wasn't on the Dark Council before?)