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including race: Yes ok but i can see some flaws here, for one the legacy race unlocks, easy way to get a race unlocked if you keep paying and changing your lv50 race now is it! So i would suggest you can change your race BUT ONLY to a race you already have unlocked in legacy! or simply don't allow that race to be unlocked if char is lv50. cus people will abuse that fact if its cheaper to change race then to pay 1.5mill credits.
not sure about you guys but 1.5mill is lots of credits for me just saying.
You can already pay CC or credits to unlock a race, so I can't see it as especially game breaking. Moreover, the cost of the GTN and repair droid greatly exceed the cost if simply unlocking the race anyway if my memory serves me. I think the GTN is 2 million credits or more while it's ony 1 or 1.5 mil for a race. I do see your point, however, so I would agree to the stipulation that race changes be limited by what you already have unlocked.