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I played as a BH that does as the contract requires if the person wants them back alive they get them alive if they want them dead they are going to be dead. Plus I leave no loose ends by the end of the story I ended up at dark 3 with Gault at max approval.

Beni I recall there are loads of choices where the target wants to die an honorable death or die in battle when the client wants them alive obliging them is light and taking them in as the client wants is dark side (nar shadda and hoth are examples). I recall on DK is the only time where the client wants them alive (which is a light choice) since it pays more. Plus I did not kill him because I don't kill for her amusement.

Well everyone has different opinions anyway this is getting off topic I will say IF bioware makes darth tormen a dark council member I think he would be great in the sphere of offense position.