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Beni remember that darth maul was chopped in half and we all thought he dead?
There's a difference here, unless there is another version of Episode I I haven't heard about where Maul defeats Obi-Wan (and Jar Jar isn't in it )

Well I don't know what you did cause darth tormen did not threaten/choke me once he gave me a job and then he gave me credits once i killed the chancellor we concluded our business and I left and he pretty much said "thanks" well a sith version of thanks.
I don't know what he did, but as soon as Lieutenant attempt to seize my weapons, I dropped him then blasted my way into Darth Tormen's office (the mighty Fenrus gives up his weapons to no one!) - lets just say he wasn't best pleased

Plus honour? The only honour you have as a BH is the contract you have with the client and if you don't honour that in my book your a wish washy bounty hunter. The BH is not a "Nice" business your BH is still a criminal because of the great hunt and the end events of chapter 1 and various other things you have done. Both LS and DS BH are war criminals.

"The only law in the galaxy is the one a man makes for himself"

Well Don't know what galaxy you live in but the galaxy disagrees with you.
It works both ways. There's the ruthless cutthroat BH who does anything as long as there's credits in it (my BH ) - then there's the BH who's just trying to make a living and doesn't take the easy route if it involves needless killing. Most of the LS choices involve freezing an enemy instead of killing them, and just letting people live when there is no need to kill them. It's the dark side BH who kills anyone who crosses him, and tends to betray his employers if offered enough credits.